Listed below are links to internet resources related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his most famous creation. I've also listed links to local (MD / DC / VA) clubs.

The various clubs in our area are all quite different. I've visited most of them over the years, and I think our club (TNT) is the most traditional (I mean that in the best sense of the word). We focus on the stories and it costs nothing to attend. And our Gasogene goes out of her way to welcome newcomers into the fold.

FD Steele

The Conan Doyle Encyclopedia is maintained by the Sherlock Holmes Society of France, and it is an amazing and, yes, encyclopedic resource. Anything and everything about Sherlock Holmes, but also lots of information about ACD's other creations, such as Brigadier Gerard and Professor Challenger. I think this is the best Sherlock site on the internet. If you don't read French, just select Google Translate when you open the pages. 

The Sherlock Holmes Society of France also lists all of ACD's works. And by 'all' I mean just that, - they even have letters he wrote to newspapers.

Wikipedia has a lengthy Holmes entry, with lots of links. There is also a Wikiquote Holmes site.

You can read most of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and novels (that are in the public domain) via Wikipedia. Click here for the list; Holmes, Brigadier Gerard, the Professor Challenger stories, etc and ACD's historical novels and supernatural stories are available. This is an invaluable resource and another reminder that ACD was not just the creator of the greatest detective of all time.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum website has a Sherlockian shop. is "the web portal about the Great Detective". 

You can explore "The Sherlock Holmes Collection" at the University of Minnesota.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection was bequeathed to Portsmouth Museum by Richard Lancelyn Green.

The Toronto Public Library has a nice collection of Sherlockiana.

The Sherlock Holmes Collection at Marylebone Library has a great website that includes a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle.

"I hear of Sherlock everywhere" is a monthly podcast about Sherlock Holmes. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and was excited to find this one - a podcast about Sherlock Holmes! - but, truthfully, I didn't like it. Too much of the hosts talking about their mutual friends, etc and not enough Sherlock. Maybe it's better now?

The Baker Street Babes are a group of - surprise! - female Sherlockians. They also have a podcast, and do book, television, etc reviews.


In the MD / VA / DC area, there are numerous clubs:

Watson's Tin Box (Ellicott City)

The Red Circle (Washington, DC)

The Six Napoleons (Baltimore) - This used to be a 'men only' club, but is now open to all.

The Denizens of the Bar of Gold (Eastern Shore)

The Fourth Garrideb (Baltimore)

Visit to find a society near you. 



If you have any questions, or a Sherlockian link to share, please send it to us!

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